Domesi timber constructions combine in a unique way the architecture, design, energy savings and modern construction technologies.

Prodesi is our specialised timber construction architectural studio whose designs are implemented by our equally specialised construction company Domesi. We work as an integral team right from the first construction designs all the way to handing over the keys to the completed building. Prodesi|Domesi thus represent a unique combination of services available for all the timber construction investors providing one partner company for preparation and implementation of the project.

We perceive the architecture as a complex branch incorporating everything from the first drawing through interior conception and project preparation all the way to handing over the keys to the completed building. Therefore the architect's work is completed for us only when the construction is completed and handed over. We always take care about the aesthetical as well as the technical quality of our constructions. We travel the world in order to get inspiration for our construction designs that we implement.

We generally design the interior of our buildings too. More complex solutions are designed in cooperation with the interior architects and implemented by the interior studios. In this way an integrated architectural and designer masterpiece is created. We often compare our houses with pieces of furniture rather than construction products.

The energy efficiency is our standard approach to contemporary building. At the same time we are very humble to use the terms such as low-energy or even passive house. We have the capabilities to work within both categories but a high level of knowledge and commitment are required right from the first construction designs. Even though the energy efficiency is our main focus we never forget high aesthetics of our designs and constructions. We do not create special purpose laboratories achieving maximum energy savings, but comfortable and high quality environment for our clients to live in and work in.

We consider timber construction technology to be the construction high-tech. We always aspire to be the top experts not only in the aesthetics but also in the material and technical side of the construction. We use the open diffusion system for our constructions, which is more and more applied also around the world as it is beneficial for the inner climate of the buildings as well as for their security in respect to its construction physics. For the supporting structure of the building we use the KVH timber, one of the high quality timbers currently available. It is a dried, planed and very well processed timber.